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Red Wine Menu

Served as 5 or 8oz glasses, full bottles are available for all options.

Baco Noir, Pelee Island (House)

Full-bodied and firm flavour. Hints of berry, spice, and coffee. 5oz /7.5, 8oz /9.75


Valpolicella, Bolla (Italy)

Medium dry, medium-bodied, fruity. Flavours of cherry, raspberry, licorice, and spice. 5 oz /9, 8oz /11


Merlot, Adobe Reserve (Chile)

Very dry, medium-bodied, blackberry and cedar flavours, organic. 5oz /8.5, 8oz /11.5


Shiraz, 19 Crimes (Australia)

Medium dry, full-bodied, fruity. Flavours of pepper, cassis, and black cherry. 5oz /9, 8oz /12


Grenache Syrah, Cotes Du Rhone (France)

Very dry, full-bodied, fruity, with blackberry, raspberry, and spice aromas. 5oz /8, 8oz /11


Chianti, Gabbiano (Italy)

Very dry, medium-bodied, fruity, with vanilla and licorice flavours. 5oz /10, 8oz /12


Bordeaux Supérieur, Chateau Saint-Germain (France)

Dry, full-bodied, smooth, with currant/light oak spice, and black cherry aromas 5oz /11, 8oz /14


Cabernet Merlot, Mission Hill (Canada)

Dry, medium-bodied, smooth, with blackberry, plum, and spicy oak aromas. 5oz /11, 8oz /14


Chianti, Ruffino (Italy)

Very dry, medium-bodied with berry, cherry, and pepper flavours. 5oz /10, 8oz /13


Malbec, Marcus James (Argentina)

Dry, full-bodied, smooth, vanilla and floral flavours. 5oz /8, 8oz /11


Cabernet Sauvignon, Beringer (California)

Dry, medium-bodied with berry, cherry, sugarplum and vanilla flavours. 5oz /11, 8oz /14


Sangiovese, Falesco IGT Umbria (Italy)

5oz /11, 8oz /14


White Wine Menu

Served as 5 and 8oz glasses, full bottles are available for all options.

Pinot Grigio, Pelee Island (House)

Dry, delicate taste, flavours of peach and almond. 5oz /7.5, 8oz /9.75


Prosecco, Mionetto (Italy)

Dry, light and fruity, with creamy stone fruit flavours. 5oz /8.5


Pinot Blanc, Mission Hill (B.C.)

Very dry, light and crisp, with pineapple, pear and hazelnut flavours. 5oz /8.5, 8oz /11.5


Pinot Grigio, Gabbiano (Italy)

Dry, light and crisp, with pear and citrus flavours. 5oz /8.5, 8oz /11.5


Sauvignon Blanc, Kim Crawford (New Zealand)

Very dry, aromatic, full flavour, refreshing, with gooseberry and passionfruit aromas. 5oz /10, 8oz /13


Moscato, Jacob's Creek (Australia)

Sweet and fruity, light with lychee, grape and tropical fruit flavours. 5oz /7, 8oz /9


Riesling, Clean Slate (Niagara)

Medium sweetness, light and crisp, floral and citrus flavours, with a honey aroma. 5oz /8.5, 8oz /11.5


Dry Riesling, Deinhard (Germany)

Dry, ight and crisp, with zesty and green apple flavours. 5oz /10, 8oz /13


Hard Chardonnay, 19 Crimes (Australia)

Dry, full-bodied, rich. Butterscotch, with vanilla and ripe apple flavours. 5oz /10, 8oz /13


Gewurztraminer, Hidden Bench (Canada)

Icewine, off-dry, very sweet, with lychee and peach pie flavours. Organic.


Cabernet Sauvignon Rose, North 42 Degrees (Ontario)

Light, fruity and sweet, with flavours of strawberry, cotton candy, lemon, and tropical fruit. 5oz /7, 8oz /9


Chardonnay, Toasted Head (California)

Toasted Head means the whole barrel was toasted, giving wines more intense smoky flavours. This Chard has apricot, pear, tropical fruit and smoky apple-cinnamon flavours. 5oz /10, 8oz /13


Nocturn Rose, Hidden Bench (Ontario)

Pinot Noir base, rich, fruity flavour with raspberry, cranberry and winter spice notes. Organic. 5oz /7, 8oz /9


Vintage Wine

Served by the bottle only.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Rodney Strong (California)

A Red Wine. Notes of dark cherries, plum, spices and black pepper. A palate with medium tannins and a bold finish.


Pinot Noir, Hidden Bench Estate (Canada)

A Red Wine. A strong nose of fresh raspberries and loganberries. Big notes of dark cherry, red plum and balanced with fresh acidity.


Amarone, Tenuta Sant' Antonio (Italy)

A Red Wine. Aromas and flavours of plum, herb and red berry. Dry with a balance of acidity, a medium-long finish.


Valpolicella, Genato Ripassa (Italy)

A Red Wine. Intense flavours of blackberry jam, cocoa, blueberries and raisin. Dry, full-bodied and smooth.


Chardonnay, Latour (France)

A White Wine. Pale colour with aromas of citrus, apple and mineral. Clean, crisp finish.


Felseck Vineyard (Canada)

A White Wine. Notes of white peach and citrus on the nose. The palate is full and layered with mandarin, orange peel and oak.


Pinot Grigio, Dolomiti (Italy)

A White Wine. Expressive aromas of flowers with a little spice. Rich and smoky on the palate with a fresh finish.


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